Our practice in this area covers many aspects of the securities industry.

  • i. Our firm has represented issuers of securities in both private placements and public offerings.
  • ii. We provide legal advisory services to clients regarding investments in the securities market and the compliance to be made with the regulators with respect to listed and unlisted companies.
  • iii.We have handled several issues for both the Nigerian Stock Exchange and Central Securities and Clearing System Ltd (CSCS).
  • iv. One very landmark case we handled on behalf of CSCS is the well-known case arising from the Bonkolans Investment Ltd scam involving unauthorised sale of over 3, 000, 000 units of Nestle Foods shares valued at over N400,000,000 (Four Hundred Million Naira) in 2002. We assisted CSCS to recover the money for the investor.
    We are pioneer solicitors at the Investments and Securities Tribunal and are privileged to have handled many landmark cases at the said tribunal.
  • v.We have assisted the Nigerian Stock Exchange through litigations at the Investments and Securities Tribunal to resolve several cases involving unauthorised sales and conversion of investors’ funds.
  • vii. Our firm incorporated the Central Securities and Clearing System Plc (CSCS) and negotiated the Group Working Agreements with the Stock broker Banks. The CSCS is the transactions clearing engine for the capital market.